France Travel Adventures | Part 1

April 26, 2018


We were lucky enough to visit France at the end of March this year. This time of year is our absolute favorite.  There’s a chill to the air, Spring has yet to arrive…but you can see buds everywhere. Trees and flowers are almost begging to bloom. 

This was Justin’s first trip across the Atlantic Ocean (Amanda had her first trip as a teenager) and we were excited to hit the ground running. We flew into Paris and immediately hopped into a car to begin our journey. Our plan was to make our way slowly to Provence and end our trip in Paris. On our way South, we stopped in Beaune, Lyon, Valence, Orange, Gordes and finally slowed down a bit in Avignon to stay, play and explore. Visiting the local morning market in Avignon was one of the highlights of the trip. Avignon’s market was enormous; every time you thought it was ending, it was merely starting all over again around the bend. The streets were lined with fresh spices, lush fruit and an abundance of local flowers. We ended our Southern adventures in the cities of Lourmarin and Aix. Admittedly, we played it pretty cool in these cities with no agenda whatsoever. We spent the days wandering the countryside, drinking local wine and eating at small family owned restaurants. 

The jump from leisurely Provence to the busy big-city of Paris was jolting! BUT the change of pace only added to our Parisian experience. We spent the final three days our French adventure exploring all of the must-sees, but making time every single afternoon to slow down and admire all of the incredible architecture. Enough from us! Let’s get to the photos! 

Contax 645 | Fuji Film | Indie Film Lab

  1. Roberta Stover says:

    Awesome! Looks like a fabulous vacation

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